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Since 2001, we have been passionately developing stereoscopic 3D projection systems for point-of-sale. We are the pioneers of virtual reality development in the kitchen and furniture industry and the inventors of 3D kitchen cinema.

VI•Cinema is our core product

Throughout Europe, more than 500 customers are working very successfully with VI-Cinema and the accompanying software VIRay.

3D animation in real time

At the heart of every 3D presentation is an absolutely realistic presentation. However, VIRay does not generate individual images for this purpose, but provides a complete, virtual 3D data model that can be "walked through" in real time. At the same time, a correct perspective is calculated for each eye, just as we perceive our surroundings in reality.

Viewed through special 3D glasses, the presentation has a realistic, spatial depth. And this with all spatial information such as light, shadows and reflections.

Free movement through the use of a 3D navigator

You move around the scene with the help of a 3D mouse. This has a joystick and enables free movement around the vertical axis.

This way, you can easily navigate to any position in the scene and thus see the furnishings with all their details.
You have high demands and love to convince your customers with an impressive presentation?

Welcome to the world of V.I.S.!

CAD-based 3D visualisation in real time

That's pure high tech!
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The terms virtual reality and augmented reality are now familiar. Both technologies have developed enormously in recent years. However, the differences between these two technologies are not entirely clear to many. A look at the properties makes the differences easily recognisable:

With VR you immerse yourself in a virtual reality
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AR, on the other hand, connects reality with the digital world
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But what is "stereoscopic vision"? Let us explain it to you in the following video.

VI•Cinema is based on stereoscopic vision!

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