The VI•Liner - The world's first mobile 3D kitchen studio!

Conquer lucrative market shares in a completely new business field

Sitzmöbel für die Präsentation Inneneinrichtung des 3D-Küchenmobils
Sitzmöbel für die Präsentation

The interior design exudes timeless elegance. A space that impresses with its noble furnishings alone and provides the perfect setting for a pleasant shopping experience.

But the V.I.-Liner is not only a virtual showroom, but also a travelling front sample studio. Over 200 front samples are always on board. This gives your customer the opportunity to see and try on original fronts, worktops and handles. This is professional advice of the highest quality.

And this at the customer's home!

Inneneinrichtung des 3D-Küchenmobils

The start of a new era in sales. It is not show kitchens in an exhibition that you inspire your customers with, but a virtual world in which you show them the one, real kitchen: their new kitchen.
In every detail and absolutely realistically.

The kitchen is displayed in 3D stereoscopic quality on a projection surface of almost 300 cm and, with the help of 3D glasses, the customer experiences his new kitchen in spatial depth and in such a realistic way that he would like to start cooking immediately.

This is an innovation!

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A mobile 3D kitchen studio is
with the right marketing concept an unbeatable sales strategy

Mein Küchencoach Find new customers even outside your catchment area!
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Virtual Interior Liner

Technical data and high lights.

The Virtual-Interior-Liner, called V.I.L. for short, is based on a motorhome that is manufactured especially for us as an "empty vehicle", without any fittings. The conversion is carried out according to our designs and specifications in authorised specialist workshops. A driving licence class B is required for the V.I.L..


Innovative lightweight construction with trend-setting design. The structure consists entirely of composite fibre parts and insulating sandwiches with optimum utilisation of usable space and room volume.

Vehicle dimensions

Length 7.490 mm
Wide 2.300 mm
Top edge during travel 2.990 mm
Height inside 2.110 mm
Inside width 2.177 mm
Entrance door width 620 mm
Wheelbase 4.040 mm
Weight 3.500 kg


Model Fiat-Dukato 40H with wide gauge frame. Track width 1,980 mm and frame extension.


96 kW or 130 hp common-rail diesel with turbocharger and charge-air cooler, Euro 5 exhaust emission standard. Reinforced 140 Ah alternator.


Front-wheel drive, 2 axles ABS braked. Tyres 255/45 R20 on 20" aluminium rims. Wheel arches made of GRP, other trim parts made of ABS thermoformed material. Side and rear underride protection according to EC directive and StVZO.

Iso structure

Sandwich construction with insulating wall, roof and floor panels, thickness 30/32/38 mm.


Cab made of double-shell GRP mouldings, driver's door with electric double locking. 1 swivel chairman single seat with leather upholstery in beige. Air conditioning, radio/CD player, Blaupunkt navigation with touch screen, cruise control, driver airbag, electric bus mirrors.

Entrance door

A 620 mm wide entrance door with reinforced mounting frame is integrated into the right-hand side wall. The door has a robust door handle recess with cylinder lock. The entrance step is extended electrically and has an automatic retraction when the motor is started.

Parking and manoeuvring aids

There is a reversing camera at the upper rear of the vehicle, which serves both as an electronic rear-view mirror and as a manoeuvring aid, with coloured boundary lines in the monitor image. Furthermore, rear-facing cameras are also installed on the side mirrors. All cameras output their images to a split monitor, where either all or only individual camera images can be displayed. Another parking aid is a Park Distance Control (PDC) system with 4 sensors each on the front and rear bumper. The PDC outputs the collision distance via a beep signal.

Alarm system

Opening detectors are installed on the doors, motion detectors in the 3D room, and basically vibration and drag detectors. The alarm is triggered by an acoustic external signal as well as by a silent alarm message via the mobile phone network to the vehicle driver or a security company. The alarm system is integrated into the vehicle's CAN bus system.

Interior fittings and special equipment

The rear room serves as a combination of 3D projection and sample room.


A 3D projection system with WXGA resolution (16:10) and a light output of approx. 3000 ansi lumens is installed. The projection surface is 280 x 175 cm. The system is controlled by an Intel Core-i7 graphics workstation, which in turn works in conjunction with a 17" notebook. Both computers are connected via WLAN. CARAT is available as a planning system. The salesperson sits diagonally opposite the customer at the graphics workstation. On his monitor, he sees exactly the same picture that the customer is viewing in 3D.


The built-in furniture is individually made of lightweight materials. The fronts are a combination of real wood panels and imitation leather. The bench is made of black leather and can seat up to 4 people. The catering module contains a Neff CV7760-NL fully automatic coffee machine, a 65L refrigerator and an equipped crockery cupboard.

Air conditioning / ventilation / heating / light

A Dometic roof air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 2.2 KW, a Webasto parking heater type Air Top Eco 3900 and an infinitely variable roof fan are installed. The room also has direct and indirect LED lighting, as well as two skylights that can be closed light-proof with an electric roller blind. The air conditioning and heating can be remote-controlled and have automatic thermostat control.

Exterior design

The vehicle is completely foiled in the colour bronze/titanium, as well as with black side visors. The company logo is applied to the upper side walls and the rear wall. The design is characterised by a minimalist appearance, which at the same time conveys high value.


In order to be able to conduct a sales talk lasting several hours in the vehicle, it must be stable and horizontal. For this purpose, a fully automatic lifting support system from Goldschmitt is installed, which extends a lifting support at all four corners of the vehicle at the push of a button and thus levels the vehicle. When the engine is started, a warning is given when the system is extended and it is automatically retracted.

Electrical wiring system

The vehicle is equipped with a 24V lithium-ion battery system with a nominal capacity of 10 KWh and a battery capacity of 360 Ah. The battery voltage is converted to 230 V/50 Hz. pure sine wave voltage via an AC converter. This provides a 230 V on-board power supply for approx. 8 hours of operation. The batteries are recharged overnight via an external connection. A normal 230 V power connection, such as one has in every garage, is sufficient for this. The charging time is approx. 6 hours.

GPS location monitoring

The vehicle is equipped with a GPS transmitter that enables permanent location control via the Internet in Google Maps. Several fixed locations and also driving routes can be stored and an alarm message is generated via email when entering or leaving these zones. Another function of GPS monitoring is an automatic logbook.