Increase the display quality by using PBR materials

As a modern and powerful system, VIRay applies the so-called PBR rendering. Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is a method of shading and rendering in computer
rendering in computer graphics that allows a more accurate representation of the interaction of light on surfaces.

Planning systems often have the problem that surfaces cannot be represented qualitatively well enough. VIRay solves this problem by using its own textures, which are automatically exchanged for existing ones when the scene is loaded. PBR textures are used here.

But also afterwards, you can exchange existing textures or colours for others at any time, without much effort and while the scene is active. In this way, you can show the customer alternatives during the ongoing demonstration and thus increase the quality of the consultation once again.

With the material editor you can adjust or replace any surface in the scene

And all that with just one simple click!
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The following picture shows an unchanged scene from the Carat system

Is this how you want to present?
Pfeilbeschreibung-Nr. 2

This is how the same scene looks when it has been adapted in VIRay with little effort

You can arouse emotions with it!
Pfeilbeschreibung-Nr. 3

Replacing the materials is very easy, see for yourself

This is photorealism in real time

How to increase your advisory competence
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