Perfect 3D objects push your planning!

VIRay has its own 3D library with a large number of professional 3D objects. These include not only individual objects, but also complete scenes or partial scenes, such as gardens, terraces, carports and, of course, interior scenes such as complete living/dining rooms or utility rooms. With this, the kitchen scene can be depicted even more realistically.

Placing the objects is very easy: drag and drop them into the scene and position them in the right place with a few clicks using the mouse or a menu provided for this purpose. You can do this in VIRay both in the top view and in the perspective view.

Double-click on an object to open the object editing, here you can make material assignments and precisely set the dimensions of the object.

Perfect 3D objects are the icing on the cake of a photorealistic scene.

This is how you will electrify your customers!

In this way, you not only increase your advisory competence, but at the same time convey a sense of security to your customer that will inevitably lead to the conclusion of a purchase...

Is this how you want to present?

Do you have high standards and love to inspire your customers with impressive interior planning?

Then you'd better present it like this!

See for yourself how easy it is to integrate impressive 3D objects into the existing scene....

VIRay is the ultimate tool for real-size presentations

It's perfect!

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