A product presentation that will simply blow your customers away

You only need a few m2 for a 3D cinema with which you can inspire your customers

In today's competitive environment, it is harder than ever to assert oneself positively. For this reason, it is also important to take the customer out of the usual situation of "consultant" and "customer" sitting opposite each other and to celebrate the final presentation of the kitchen planning.

To achieve this, the 3D projection system is installed in a separate room, the 3D kitchen cinema. This is where the consultant goes with his customer and shows him his new kitchen, in real size and with all the details. For the customer, this is an experience in a class of its own, a presentation like they have never seen before.

You will receive the specifications for the 3D room from us in the form of a drawing including information on the necessary electrical installations.

Please note that the room for the 3D cinema should not be too small, as you will be in the room with several people for an average of approx. 30 minutes per session.

A 3D cinema includes: 3D projector, mounting rack, screen, graphics workstation including monitor, 3D mouse, 3D shutter glasses, cables. The costs for these components are about 15.000,- €. Of course, we also offer leasing and hire-purchase agreements for refinancing. Please ask for your individual offer.

Room example for a 3D cinema

You need a room of approx. 8 to 14 m2 for a 3D cinema. The room in the example below is 12 m2.

Across Europe, over 500 kitchen and furniture retailers are already using our 3D cinema. When will you be one of them?

Increase your turnover and your closing rate!

The 3D kitchen cinema is a worthwhile investment for your company that pays for itself after only a short time